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Fly Away For £50K With Gala Bingo

Thursday, Aug. 30th 2018 11:07 AM

Always ahead of the game when it comes to promotions, the start of this week saw Gala Bingo announce their latest deal for players at the site. There’s £50,000 of bingo fun to be had at the site between now and 7th October 2018, so plenty of opportunity to make sure you’re involved!

Gala Bingo are going to be sending no less than FIFTY of their players to the sun in November and all you have to do is play at the site for your chance to win. If you are quick, you’ll just be able to scrap in to the Weekly Fly Away Session for this week. You have until Saturday at 23:59 to qualify for the session on Sunday.

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Christmas Raffle At Tombola

Wednesday, Dec. 13th 2017 7:36 AM

If you’re a member of Tombola and have your settings such that you can receive SMS messages from the site, then every Monday you will have receive a colour and 4-digit number. This could win you one of several great prizes from the site if it matches any of those listed on the special promotional page.

If you haven’t registered with Tombola yet, or have not checked your settings, then you are missing out! To ensure you receive your SMS message, go to the My Account section of the site and then ‘update personal details’. Under this section, go to ‘contact preferences’ and ensure that the SMS option is ticked. You then get to choose the time of your text from Tombola too.

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Stars At Tombola

Wednesday, Mar. 15th 2017 10:06 AM

We’re all used to seeing some form of free bingo from our favourite bingo sites and it comes in many different forms across the world of online gaming. We’re offered no deposit required bonuses, entry to free play bingo rooms, jackpot games and even special promotional games that don’t cost a penny. Some sites require a minimum deposit to access some of the free offers and that’s true of Tombola and their new Stars game. However, it’s just one deposit in your lifetime as a player with them rather than one in a set period.

Tombola has always offered a free game but sometimes it has only been to those that have spent real cash at the site within a specific period. Tombola Stars does not have this restriction and is open to every member who has made at least one deposit.

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Everyone’s A Winner With Iceland Bingo

Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2016 7:10 AM

It was only on Boxing Day that Iceland Bingo held an Everyone’s A Winner jackpot game for an impressive £5,000! Today the news is that this well-known brand is doing it all again in February but this time for FOUR times that value of the last game.

On February 26th, 2016 at 9pm the £20,000 prize game plays but if we’re honest, we were a little disappointed to find that whilst half of the prize money that is to be won is cash, the other half is actually bonus funds from Iceland Bingo. The main 90 ball winners, the one line, two line and full house players, they will be taking home cash but for those who are taking a share of the remaining Everyone’s A Winner prize pool, it’s bonus cash that is to be paid out.

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Free £100K Jackpot Game At Costa Bingo

Wednesday, Mar. 5th 2014 7:37 AM

The world of online bingo boasts many a big money jackpot and as a player, the chances are you covet a win. A win to be coveted in the not too distant future is the jackpot offered by big name brand, Costa Bingo. On 31st March at 9pm there will be £100,000 won by Costa players but will it be you?

The size of the jackpot is impressive enough but only £50,000 will be going to the winner. The remaining money will be shared amongst ALL players who have a ticket in the game but are not game winners. Every loser wins as it were. We popped along to Costa Bingo yesterday to get our ticket and with 25 days still to get tickets, there are 3,647 players who currently have theirs.

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Not Quite Joy Of Bingo

Friday, Jul. 19th 2013 12:08 AM

Once upon a time there were a group of sites, all standalone that offered something a little unique. By joining forces under one big hat named the Joy of Bingo the brands were able to offer quarterly impressive jackpot games to their players. Alongside these big cash games the sites would individually offer a selection of great promotions; prize giveaways, cash jackpots whose games you could earn free cards for. Things were all rosy in the garden….

Along came an even bigger player than the original owner of the company responsible for the Joy of Bingo and then it all seemed to lose the ‘Joy’.

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Five Line Frenzy At Bingo 3x

Monday, Jun. 25th 2012 7:04 AM

Five Live Bingo, or Swedish Bingo as it is sometimes referred to as, is popular with players simply because instead of the usual one chance to win that a 75 ball game offers this game has, as the name suggests, FIVE chances to win. At Bingo 3x a five line frenzy is underway as the site announces a big jackpot game that is taking place on 12th August at 8pm.

Why not take five minutes to buy five tickets at Bingo 3x at 55p per card and not only will you be in with the chance of winning a share of the £5,555 but the site will also give you five free tickets for The Bingo Games Olympic special that offers a grand prize of a family holiday to Disneyworld!

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£10K Free Jackpots At Foxy Bingo

Monday, May. 28th 2012 7:28 AM

You may have noticed that once again the welcome bonus from Foxy Bingo has changed for new players. A little while ago the site was offering 100 free bingo cards to those registering a new account for the first time with this popular brand but last week we saw this dropped. The reason is that the £10k free jackpot games are back at Foxy Bingo and it would appear that whilst these are on offer, the welcome bonus reverts back to the 200% cash match on first deposit for new players.

It’s great to see the brand looking after new and old players and intermittently changing their deposit bonus and shows that Foxy Bingo caters for both types of player.

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