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Jackpots At Lollipop Bingo

Wednesday, Nov. 15th 2017 4:51 AM

Being part of the 15 Network gives Lollipop Bingo roomies access to a wealth of exciting promotions and specials offers. If you are not bothered about winning tangible prizes though, don’t worry as they are also home to plenty of big money games for you to enjoy, and they have included both 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games to ensure everyone can join in the fun.

Guaranteed jackpots run throughout the day at Lollipop Bingo, so it does not matter what time you log in, you will never be too far away from the chance to win yourself a pocket full of cash. They have also made sure there are games for players of all budgets too, so you can join in the fun even if you are having to watch the pennies.

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September Splendour At Lollipop Bingo

Saturday, Sep. 9th 2017 4:30 AM

Lollipop Bingo is one of the many brands that make up the 15 Network, so if you are a fan of the JumpMan Gaming software and are looking for a new home after the sad closure of Film Bingo then you should give them a try. You may not find the exclusive promotions that you have become accustomed to, but they still have a great range of networked promotions which this month include their September Splendour.

This exciting promotion from Lollipop Bingo has been broken down into three qualifying periods, and to join in the fun, you simply need to log in to your account, and play their Rebets Splendour slots game. As you play, you will earn one prize draw entry for every £1 you wager, so you can easily maximise your chances of winning a prize.

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Get In A Spin With Lollipop Bingo

Wednesday, Aug. 3rd 2016 7:58 AM

With a new month comes a whole plethora of new promotions and our first port of call for August is Lollipop Bingo. The site always has an exclusive monthly promotion to offer their players and often this takes on a theme based on National Days celebrated in the current month. Whilst they may not be from the UK, the National Day themes are good fun and there is always a great prize to be won.

This month Lollipop Bingo have opted for National Vinyl Day that is celebrated on 12th August and as such have a relevant prize to give away to their players. The person who tops their leaderboard in August will be taking home a GPO Memphis Turntable 4-in-1 Music Centre in silver.

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All Saints At Lollipop Bingo

Wednesday, Mar. 9th 2016 7:43 AM

From the title of this article you could be forgiven for thinking the al-girl pop trio from the 90’s were involved in the prize package, they’re not. The saints that we are referring to are St David (1st March) and St Patrick (17th March). It is these two gents that are the inspiration for the prizes on offer this month in the exclusive promotion from Lollipop Bingo.

Each month the exclusive promotional theme changes, as do the prizes, but when it comes to deciding a winner for these promos, it’s pretty much always done in the same way. You’re given a selection of ways in which to score points and the player who tops the leaderboard takes home the prizes on offer from Lollipop Bingo

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Vouchers Galore From Lollipop Bingo

Saturday, Feb. 6th 2016 7:47 AM

Being part of the hugely successful 15 Network gives Lollipop Bingo roomies access to a host of exciting promotions. This month for instance, in addition to their exclusive Loved Up promotion, they also have nearly £1,000 worth of vouchers to give away through two special promos.

The two promotions at Lollipop Bingo are offered network wide so you are competing with other players at other sites. However, participating gives you the chance to win a pocket full of shopping vouchers and a romantic night out at your favourite restaurant with that special someone in your life if you are a lucky winner this February.

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Warm Up This Winter With Lollipop Bingo

Wednesday, Jan. 13th 2016 7:32 AM

If you’re in the UK, you can’t have failed to have noticed that the temperature has dropped quite dramatically recently, and in some parts of the country we have had snow! The Winter Warmer promotion from Lollipop Bingo offers up a selection of prizes that should take the chill off your bones if you’re a lucky winner this January.

This month Lollipop Bingo are feeling particularly generous and offering not only the main prize, but a runners-up prize too in their exclusive promotion. All you have to do to take home one of the prizes on offer is finish in first or second position on their Winter Warmer leaderboard on 31st January 2016.

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Two Santa’s Grottos At Lollipop Bingo

Wednesday, Dec. 16th 2015 7:07 AM

There’s nothing like double the chance of being a winner in special promotions at any online bingo site and that’s exactly what you get at Lollipop Bingo this festive season. The 15 Network, of which Lollipop is a part, are hosting a network-wide Santa’s Grotto room and the brand itself, well they have got their own Santa’s Grotto too!

In the exclusive Santa’s Grotto promotion at Lollipop Bingo, players are just competing against those registered with the one brand. On the network offering, you’re competing with those at all sites on the 15 Network. In the Lollipop exclusive, there have already been two major prizes won in December.

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Lollipop Bingo Are Hosting A Firework Festival

Wednesday, Nov. 4th 2015 7:08 AM

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot.’ Lollipop Bingo doesn’t have any gunpowder, they’re not about to commit treason, but we do know that they have been plotting a Firework Festival exclusively for their players this month!

On offer is a great prize in this special promotion from Lollipop Bingo, well a choice for the winner actually, and one that will certainly be gratefully received as we prepare for the impending party season that is December! The player who manages to finish the month at the top of the leaderboard will have the choice of either straighteners or hair curlers!

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