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Spice Bingo Gets A New Look

Wednesday, Sep. 12th 2018 4:26 PM

Spice Bingo first opened to players back in April 2013 and was only the eighth site to launch on the 15 Network and be powered by the Jumpman Gaming software. When it first hit the online bingo scene, the aesthetic of the site looked more like it was advertising an Indian takeaway than a brand offering bingo. However, that all changed recently as the site migrated to the upgraded version of the software.

There’s a more generic feel to the site now – less ‘Indian takeaway’ for Spice Bingo and more ‘walk in the park’. It’s not just the home page that has changed though, with the new software comes a change in how the bingo games look when you can find one that actually plays!

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Dragonfish Bingo App From 888 Rolls Out

Tuesday, Apr. 16th 2013 7:10 AM

If you’ve been playing bingo online for a few years, then you’ll understand how the industry exploded in a very short time. As few as ten years ago there was not more than a handful of online bingo sites available, today there are hundreds. Of course, online bingo is old hat now, the new phenomenon is mobile bingo and there’s about to be another explosion as Dragonfish roll on their mobile bingo software from the 888/Globalcom Group.

The first mobile bingo site from the group was the flagship 888Ladies, but the software is now rolling out across all sites using the 888/Globalcom software. Standalone bingo site and networked sites alike, if you’re a member, the chances are you will soon be able to play from your iPhone.

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Dragonfish Network For The All New Steamy Bingo

Friday, Jun. 15th 2012 7:21 AM

Steamy Bingo first launched onto our screens as part of the Better Bingo Network and their games were powered by the popular Virtue Fusion software but a few months ago we found that this brand was no longer available. It was all very odd because there wasn’t any notification and when you tried to visit the site it redirected to a brand called Naughty Bingo, we were quite perplexed.

Recently we tried to find out what had happened to the site only to find a new look Steamy Bingo available! Keen to see what this site had to offer we tried our old login for the site but to no avail, we had to register again.

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