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Win A Thrilling Night Out At bgo Bingo

Saturday, Nov. 18th 2017 4:37 AM

If you ask anyone who the most influential pop star of their generation is, and the odds are they will say Michael Jackson. The King of Pop was not only a child star but after leaving his brothers and going solo, he went on to carve out a hugely success career as a solo artist, becoming the best-selling singer of all time. If you are a fan of his music, then you are going to love the Thriller Live promotion that is currently running at bgo Bingo.

To join in the fun, you must first moonwalk over to bgo Bingo and opt in by clicking on the green ‘Join Now’ button on the Thriller Live promotional page. You have until Thursday 30th November to do this, but the quicker you do it, the more time you will have to earn cards for their big prize bingo game.

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Get A Start On Christmas At Costa Bingo

Saturday, Nov. 11th 2017 4:14 AM

You can’t help but have noticed that the festive season is well and truly on the way. Every time you turn on the television you are greeted by Christmas carols and gift ideas and every shop you walk into already has their decorations up. If you are the one responsible for ensuring it all runs smoothly, you might want to check out the Christmas Kickstarter from Costa Bingo.

In a break from the norm Costa Bingo are not running just one big game, Instead, they have opted to host three special 75-ball bingo games each week until Wednesday 6th December, so you have plenty of chances to join in the fun and win a prize. You can take part online or on your mobile phone, so you have no excuse for missing out!

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Winter Warmer At Iceland Bingo

Wednesday, Nov. 8th 2017 4:54 AM

We all know the name Iceland, the high street freezer centers that are packed full of tasty treats. Their Iceland Bingo site is equally tempting, as it is loaded to the brim with fun-packed games, big money jackpots and exciting promotion. This month, this includes their Winter Warmer and it comes complete with prizes that are sure to come in handy very soon.

If you are anything like us, you’ll spend the whole of Christmas making sure an endless stream of friends and family are well fed. This is not only stressful but can also leaving your cupboards and freezer looking bare. Thankfully, Iceland Bingo are here to help you restock thanks to thousands of pounds worth of shopping vouchers.

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Rio Bingo Are Picture Perfect

Saturday, Nov. 4th 2017 4:49 AM

Anyone with a smartphone has the capability to take great photos these days, and you only have to look at social media to see that selfies are taking over the world! Mobile phones do have their limitations though, so it’s always handy to have a real camera on handy to catch those special memories, and this is where Rio Bingo‘s Picture Perfect promotion will come in handy.

Our feathered friends that keep Rio Bingo ticking along nicely have lined up a special 90-ball Picture Perfect game that is all set to take place at 10pm on Thursday 16th November and the three lucky winners will share £450 worth of the latest camera goodies between them, and they are all going to get plenty of use with Christmas just around the corner.

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Win A Holiday At bet365 Bingo

Wednesday, Nov. 1st 2017 3:59 AM

ave you noticed how miserable the weather is getting? Winter is well and truly on the way and now that the clocks have gone back too, you’ll no doubt end up traveling to and from work in the dark. Don’t let it get you down too much though, because if you make your way over to bet365 Bingo, you have the chance to win a fantastic holiday thanks to their Bingo Champion promotion.

This exciting new promotion from bet365 Bingo is made up of several parts, and each one gives you an extra chance to win free cards for the All Winners Finale game at the end of the month. The quicker you get involved however, the more free cards you can be playing with on the night, therefore boosting your chances of winning.

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GH-ouls Day Out At Fancy Bingo

Wednesday, Oct. 18th 2017 4:43 AM

If you are one of these people that just hate being scared, Halloween can be a terrifying time. Having to deal with kids knocking your door in search of treats combined with the inevitable frightening movies on television can leave you a nervous wreck. Fancy Bingo‘s hatter hates to think of you being all shook up so has lined up some relaxing prizes to go along with his GH-ouls Day Out promotion.

This big game is all set to take place at 10pm on Thursday 26 October, so you don’t have too long to wait. You can take part online or via your mobile phone or tablet thanks to Fancy Bingo‘s mobile app, meaning you can join in the fun regardless of whether you are sitting at home in your favourite armchair or waiting for a bus to get home from work!

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bet365 Bingo’s Halloween Spooktacular

Saturday, Oct. 14th 2017 5:43 AM

If you fancy the chance of winning a scary trip or a top-spec gadget before the end of the month, then hop on your broomstick and fly on over to bet365 Bingo. They have lined up a fangtastic Halloween Spooktacular promotion that has been broken down into weekly sections, with each one leading up to a night of special prize bingo games every Sunday throughout October.

Before you do anything though, you must first log in to your bet365 Bingo account and opt in on the Halloween Spooktacular page. Once you have done this you have two options. You can simply pre-purchase cards for that week’s prize bingo games for 50p each or you can earn them by taking part in the daily Trick or Treat games.

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Costa Bingo’s Gh-oul Fun

Wednesday, Oct. 11th 2017 4:01 AM

It won’t be too long now before the undead rise from graves and things that go bump in the night suddenly start sounding a little more sinister. Let’s face it, Halloween is a great time of year if you are someone that likes being frightened out of their skin. Costa Bingo are here to make this year one to remember thanks to their Gh-oul Fun promotion.

Gh-oul Fun is a 75-ball bingo game and it is playing at 11pm on Thursday 19th October and as always, you can take part in the big game online or on your mobile. You can play with a minimum of 1 card and a maximum of 96 and they can be pre-purchased right now from the Costa Bingo lobby, so you don’t have to stay up past your bedtime.

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