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£20,000 Slots Giveaway At Costa Bingo

Friday, Oct. 5th 2018 5:09 PM

All the best online bingo sites offer a selection of instant win games and slots so it’s expected that they will run promotions based on these from time to time. In fact, it’s become par for the course at brands like Costa Bingo. The latest from this popular site sees them giveaway a whopping £20,000 in prize money.

The promotion got underway today at Costa Bingo which means plenty of time to ensure that your name is in the draw to take a share of the impressive prize pot. To get an entry into the draw you just have to wager £5 or more on one (or more) of a selection of slots.

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Chit Chat Cash Climber At bgo Bingo

Thursday, Sep. 20th 2018 3:42 PM

We all love the Cash Climber jackpots that are on offer at various bingo sites online today but often they can seem unobtainable. At bgo Bingo, their Chit Chat Cash Climbers are each to bag, and whilst jackpots may not be quite as impressive, better winning potential certainly makes the promotion an attractive prospect.

The venues for the Chit Chat Climber are the Fairy Delight and Golden Galaxy rooms at bgo Bingo. These are standalone rooms, exclusive to this site only. On the first of the month, at 10am, the Fairy Delight room was host to the start of the promotion at £5 was added to the Chit Chat Climber pot.

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OK Bingo Giant Jackpot Nearing £50,000

Saturday, May. 24th 2014 7:34 AM

Progressive jackpots in the bingo rooms are always popular as you can turn into standard game into a life-changing one. And life-changing would certainly be the correct term when it comes to the Giant Jackpot available at several G2 Gtech sites including OK Bingo.

We’ve been watching this jackpot for a while now, but still it hasn’t produced a winner. This week it stands at almost £48,000 and now players are starting to wonder if it will tip the £50,000 mark. Jackpot hunters have been chasing this jackpot for months, but no one has managed to slay it yet, which does at least mean you can still have a go at OK Bingo and try your chances!

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Daily Star Bingo Giant Jackpot Lives Up To Its Name

Saturday, Feb. 1st 2014 7:36 AM

While we love the community, promotions and giveaways when playing online bingo, let’s be honest, we’re all in it for the big jackpots and they don’t get much bigger than the Giant Jackpot, currently over £40,000 at Daily Star Bingo. A Bingo Progressive, this one’s been growing for a while, but surely it must be won soon?

Unlike many progressives the Giant is only available to play for a few hours each day and it’s this that makes it grow so big! At over £40,000 at the last count it’s one of the biggest prizes we’ve ever seen from Daily Star Bingo and now players are frantically chasing the prize.

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Tombola’s Big Birthday Jackpot

Saturday, Jan. 11th 2014 7:15 AM

The weekend is upon us and it’s a special one this weekend as Bingo 90 is having a birthday. We’re not sure how this works as we remember Tombola launching during the spring, but we digress. Today is Bingo 90’s birthday and whether it’s a real birthday or more like one the Queen has, it could mean a special treat for you, if you get lucky!

At the time of writing this, the Tombola Bingo 90 Jackpot was almost £4,000, a fair amount and a princely sum for any lucky player who can scoop the pot. However, tonight at 8pm, whatever the jackpot is, £10,000 will be added to the total, making what will surely be a jackpot chasing frenzy!

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Virtue Fusion Escalator Jackpot To Be Won Tonight

Saturday, Nov. 23rd 2013 7:53 AM

The Escalator jackpot on Virtue Fusion, at sites such as William Hill Bingo to name one of many is at over £20,000 at the last count and that’s it, it can go no higher and one way or another it will be won this evening by one lucky player. Virtue Fusion regulars will know that if the jackpot isn’t won for a while, these special nights are held and they are fantastic, exciting and full of suspense!

The progressive becomes the guaranteed as the Money Mountain Escalator at William Hill Bingo must be won, and it’s already up to over £20,000. Usually the jackpot must be called in 29 calls, but tonight will see shake and more added calls by the hour!

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Valentine’s Escalator Jackpot At Ruby Bingo

Wednesday, Feb. 13th 2013 7:51 AM

Many bingo sites are offering big Valentine’s Day jackpots this year, and the Virtue Fusion network, including Ruby Bingo have a £14,000 Bingo Linx jackpot up for grabs. However, Ruby Bingo really are shining like a jewel above other brands on the network, and they are offering their escalator jackpot this Thursday and it’s a staggering £44,000!

The escalator is so big because it’s the progressive jackpot from the Royal Court at Ruby Bingo, but rather than now growing until its won at 29 balls, it’s getting a gentle Valentine’s nudge, and that will mean it will be won this Thursday!

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Clover Rollover Cash Prize Draw At Winner Bingo

Thursday, Nov. 29th 2012 7:40 AM

When it comes to playing bingo online we are all well aware that most sites offer a selection of casino games to their players too. Some love them, others avoid them – they are a bit like Marmite really but even those who aren’t keen might be a little tempted to give the reels a spin at Winner Bingo when they hear that there is the chance to win a share of £150,000 cash by playing Clover Rollover from tomorrow!

That’s a share of £150,000 ON TOP of the potential to win progressive jackpot on the game that has reached the million pound mark on numerous occasions! To take part in this weeks slot prize draw you simply have to wager £10 on the game at Winner Bingo for your name to be in the draw.

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